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Mila mini bernedoodle

Here is how our puppy adoption process works:

1. Contact Us

Please email us if you are interested in one of our adorable puppies! We wish to establish a relationship with each individual who will provide a home to our puppies, and we want to assist you in picking out the perfect puppy for you. We look forward to working with you!

2. Fill Out Application and Put Down a Deposit 

Our application allows us to assist you in picking a puppy that meets your needs and preferences! We also want to ensure our Bernedoodles go to a loving and stable home where they will be well cared for throughout their lives. We will review the application and contact you with any questions. Once the application is approved, you will proceed with a $500 deposit. This secures a place on the Reservation List. The deposit is nonrefundable but can be transferred to a different litter if you so choose, or in the event that your selected litter is smaller than our Reservation List. The deposit can be submitted by personal check or Venmo. The deposit amount will be applied toward the final balance of the puppy adoption.

3. Your Name will be Added to our Reservation List 

Your name will be added to our Reservation List in the order that the deposit is received. Once the puppies are born, I will contact you in the order the puppies are reserved. You have the option to wait for the next litter and your spot will be kept on the Reservation list. You can also transfer your name to a different litter at any time.


4. Wait for the Puppies' birth

Now it is time to get ready for your new puppy. Yay! This is an exciting time where you prepare your home so you are ready when your new little furry friend walks in the door! Check out our puppy shopping list for recommendations for items we like and our “Preparing for New Puppy” webpage for helpful tips. 

We will announce the puppy arrivals on our website, Facebook, and Instagram. We will post pictures of the new puppies within three days of birth, then continue to post updated photos and videos as the puppies grow! You can keep in touch by visiting our website or following us on social media.

5. Selection Day 

Puppies are picked out at 4-6 weeks of age. I will contact you to select your puppy in the Reservation List order. We offer virtual options for you to interact with the puppies. This will allow you to see the puppy’s temperament and personality for yourself. We love assisting you with selecting a puppy that is a perfect fit for you and your family!


6. Puppy Visits 

We are excited to have visitors come and interact with our puppies! Our top priority is the health of our puppies, so visits are scheduled at 4-6 weeks. This allows for the puppies to start their vaccinations before meeting new people. You will be contacted to set up a puppy visit time that can be in person or virtual. 


7. Scheduling Pickup Day and Method of Delivery 

Our puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks. By this time they will have been weaned from their mothers for a couple weeks to be sure they are ready for the transition to their new home. 

There are several options for puppy transportation:

1. Pick up your puppy directly from our home.

2. Delivery within 2hrs of our home. Contact us for pricing.

3. Meet at an airport near us. Contact us for pricing. 

St. Cloud, MN (STC)

Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN (MSP)

Fargo, ND (FAR)

Sioux Falls, SD (FSD) 

4. Meet at an airport near you. We offer the option of flying the puppy to an airport near you. Contact us for pricing and availability of a "Flight Nanny" to hand deliver your puppy.  

The remaining balance will be due one week before the puppy goes home. The deposit will be applied toward the total balance. The final payment may be made via cashiers check, cash, or Venmo.  

Each puppy from Lamplight Puppies comes with a Purchase Agreement. We do our best to ensure our puppies go to a home where they will be well-loved and nurtured, and it is important to us that we are comfortable with the home each puppy is going to. Our desire is for our puppies to have a lifetime of love, and we will accept them back at any point in their lives. We reserve the right to refuse or refund a reservation/deposit if necessary. We also commit to a health guarantee for each puppy. Check out the link below for details.

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