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There are two methods you can use to feed your new Bernedoodle puppy. You can free feed for the first 6 months, then transition to feedings 2 times per day or you may start with 3-4 feedings per day then decrease the feeding frequency to 2 times per day once the puppy is 6 months of age. Your puppy should be fed about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of dry food with each feeding, based on the puppy’s weight. Follow the directions on the bag of food for the amount to feed you puppy based on age and weight. We recommend Diamond Naturals and you can purchase it from this link ( Check out our shopping list for more links to Diamond Natural products we recommend. 


When choosing a brand of dog food to feed your puppy, select a high-quality dog food with lots of protein. The best dog foods contain whole and natural ingredients that are appropriate for your dog’s digestive system. Look for these ingredients: 

  • Whole meats, Whole grains (Oat and Rice), Natural preservatives or none at all, Animal based proteins, Good fats (Omega 3&6), Fruits, and Vegetables.


It is essential that puppies eat small meals often. Missing a single meal can cause these puppies to have dangerously low glucose levels (hypoglycemia). Once a puppy’s glucose levels are low, he might become too confused to eat or could refuse food. Do not put the food in a bowl and assume your puppy is eating. Pay careful attention to how much he is actually eating because this is critical to their health. If you are concerned with your puppy’s food intake you may use a nutritional supplement (EnerCal/Nutri-Cal) or a small amount of chicken baby food to increase their caloric intake. You could also blend a small portion of warm water with his normal food ration, creating a thick smoothie consistency that is enticing for a small puppy!


Your puppy can be switched to an adult formula food between 9-12 mo. of age.

If you choose to switch to a different brand of dog food, the change must be a gradual one. This gradual change will be better for your puppy.


Be sure that you puppy always has access to fresh water. 

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