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- Dog Food - Diamond Naturals Large/Small Breed Adult and Puppy Formulas

- One can of soft puppy food for first few days 

- Healthy treats

- Nurtical- vitamin and mineral supplement to help with stress and eating

- Stainless-steel non-tipping food and water bowls (shallow)

- I.D. Tags with the contact information for yourself and your veterinarian  

- Puppy Harness

- Collar 

- Leash 

- Travel crate  

- Dog shampoo   

- Brush, fine comb, and grooming scissors

- Towels and blow-dryer

- Toothbrush

- Chew Toys 

- Cleanup supplies such as a stain remover, baby wipes, paper towels, deodorizing spray 

- Potty Pads

- Soft bed

- A house training crate with divider panel that will allow you to adjust the length

- An exercise pen for assistance in crate training 

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